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7 thoughts on “Help/advice

  1. I just broke it off with my best friend. We had been best friends for 4 years but she was really mean to me. Used to call me worthless, pathetic, ugly etcetera. Well i lost sight of who i was. I have always been the shy kid and i have a hard time talking to people and making friends. Really hard. After we broke it off the rest of the girls in our class stopped talking to me. And now I’m being bullied. I hang out with the four girls in our class that actually talk to me, or not really talk, hang out with me. I usually just walk along with them. I really want to talk, but i don’t lmow what i should talk about. I don’t date, i never watch TV and sometime I’m on the computer. I don’t do anything interesting. All i do is read books. And none of them are interested in stuff like that. I want to become better friends. And i want to stop getting bullied. I want to stop feeling so sad and scared all the time. But i don’t know how. I’ve talked to the teachers but they aren’t doing anything. I just want to feel better. Can you help me?

    • Hi Soma thank you for coming to me for help. First i’d like to point out that if you’d like more privacy feel free to email me at Also I’d like to know what grade you are in. It sounds to me that you are either in the earlier years of high school or middle school. Please know that you are NOT alone. I have experienced this many times throughout my life. And though you may go to teachers and they will say dont worry about those girls just be yourself blah blah, that will never help the situation. That takes YEARS to learn. It took me till my senior year of high school to finally accept it. I have a couple nice friends of my own but I would say personally I don’t connect with them. Just like how you love to read and your friends love other things. Btw reading is interesting ! It expands your knowledge which will come in handy for college. I would really like to know your age so I could give you the proper advice. Firstly do these girls ever talk to you? Or are you just following them around? Also how are you being bullied exactly? If you are on the younger side, I would say it is very important to make solid friends. If you are uncomfortable with your current friends try and find a new group! But if you want to make it work with your current friends i suggest finding what their interests are and bringing the topics up! As much as it may be boring to you, it will get them interested and closer to you. Then start inviting them places, maybe have a movie night or invite them for dinner. The closer they get with you the happier you will be to have friends backing you up. My advice ignore the bullies. Bullying is extremely immature. Extremely. As much as it hurts you, always remind yourself it will go away. Soon it wont even matter to you anymore. I remember being bullied in 7th grade and to me, it felt like the end of the world. Once it stopped, I was relieved. And today I laugh about how stupid it was. Honestly if it gets bad, just laugh in their face. Because you know how dumb it is. I would suggest every morning wake up and write ten things you like about yourself. If you say I can’t try harder, or just write about what you are grateful for. Make goals for yourself, on how to win your friends over. I guarantee you will slowly start to come out of the sadness. Its all about positivity.

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