Liebster Award!



Well another award! Thanks so much to breaking into alternative for this!

So 11 facts about me:

1) I love my mini dachshund Ollie

2) I am a senior in High School

3) My favorite movie is Billy Elliot

4)I am currently on a wheat-free diet! not easy!

5) I live in Jersey, born in New York City

6) I love reading and acting Shakespeare 🙂

7) My favorite color is indigo!

8) I love singing and dancing

9) I love yoga!

10) I dislike country music

11) I love Paris but have yet to go!

1) If you could live in any kind of house what would it be? an apartment in the city or a small house near the woods

2) Favorite genre of music? any music that is catchy. I literally listen anything from the black keys to mozart to kanye west!

3) Do you play any instruments? sorta play piano

4) If you could act in any movie which one would it be and what role would you play?kick ass, i’d play hit girl!!

5) What color looks best on you? blue I think!

6) Favorite thing to cook? pasta!

7) Favorite season and why? Fall and summer! The smells and food in fall, and the sun in the summer!

8) Jeans or sweatpants? Jeans!

9) If you could be any animal which would you be? I’d be a kitten ! 

10) Favorite viral video? aint nobody got time for that!

11) How is this nomination going to change the way you blog? it’ll inspire me to blog more!

My questions for the nominees:

1.) whats your middle name?

2.) where is your fav place in the world?

3.) what is your dream?

4.) where will you be in ten years?

5.) what is your favorite color?

6.) what is your favorite band?

7.) What is your favorite quote?

8.) who is your inspiration?

9.) what is your favorite animal?

10.) what is your horoscope sign?

11.) If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?


And the nominees are…


congrats and thanks again!


olivia ❤


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