I Want to Explore


I have been blessed in my life to have been able to travel the world at a very young age. My parents love to travel and when I was about seven years old they took me to Spain, France and Italy. Then when I was twelve we went on a cruise around Scandinavia. I saw Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia and more. It was unbelieveably beautiful but unforutnately at that age I was not as appreciative as I am now. Last summer I got to study Shakespearean acting in Oxford, England and thats when I really found my passion for travel. I have many goals in my life that are towards travel. My next goal is to go to Paris! I’ve been to France, but we never had time to go to Paris. I hope to save enough money to go next summer!

But  I’ve learned that we can be explorers right where we live! I found this picture/list that explains how to be an “explorer”. I decided to try the tips out where I live and I noticed things that I never have noticed before. With this list we can really view the amazing world around us, even if we wake up and see it everyday…


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