The Secret to Happiness?

I recently read an article on Womens Health about the secret to happiness. According to a new study in Psychological Science, “making a good, respectable name for yourself leads to the most satisfaction,” as opposed to having lots of money. The articles mentions that researchers studied 80 college students happiness levels. They then calculated the students levels of “respect” through peer ratings and how many leadership positions the students had. When they asked about the students income the truth came out: money did not make them happy- respect did… Womens Health then goes on giving some tips to help raise you respectfulness…

  • Be honest—and be open to others’ honesty. (Wise words of Donald Trump..)
  • Believing in yourself, Setting firm goals and following through. (Maria Rodale, CEO and chairman of Rodale, Inc.)
  • Instead of hyperfocusing on other people, look to yourself (John Mackey, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market) My moms a big fan lol.

I think these are great points however… here its goes…. you need money for respect. (unfortunately) You need appropriate clothes and materials. However, with respect you can work your way to get those things I guess. Its a never ending cycle.



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