Boardwalk Night

Hey guys, so I decided to go with boardwalk night for our anniversary last night and it was so fun! It was the perfect temperature and we got to go on the beach for free since it was after 6. We shared a delicious pizza in Point Pleasant at the coal fire house.. And then we were able to find parking for the boardwalk (thank god). We decided not to go on any rides but to just walk around and experience the craziness of the boardwalk. Which is always entertaining ! Then I tried one arcade game but kept losing so I thought that was a hint to get going. So we walked all the way across the boardwalk, got in the car and went to my house. I didn’t want him to leave yet so we watched a movie and then finally called it a night. I thought it was a great night. And we didn’t spend a lot of money which is always good.

I hope everyone else had a great Thursday !



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