Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy

I have an infatuation with this bands music, but in particular, Alison Sudol. She is a beautiful woman and out does her self with every new single and album. Some of her breath taking songs include Almost LoverNear To You, Think of You.

Those are more of her melodic and romantic songs. Some are quite heart breaking, and some are just absolutely uplifting. She also has a few funny tunes such as, Electric Twist.

Her iconic red hair was recently cut and dyed to a strawberry blonde. And though I will miss her fiery red hair, she’s so beautiful either way that I could care less what color she dyes her hair. And recently she came out with her new single that I absolutely adore. Its exactly what i’ve been waiting for and she absolutely nailed it. Her transition to a edgier, alternative sound was spot on. Her new single is called Now is the Start, and this is truly the start of a special album waiting to be let free.



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